Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Will my health insurance cover the cost of training?

Providing personal and individualized training to my clients is the most important thing at GYMVITAL. That is why classes are held indivdually or in small groups, in order to provide personal attention and respond to your unique needs and discomforts. Therefore, this is considered to be a private service, which unfortunately, is not covered by health insurance.

  • Where does the training take place?

Your training does not necessarily need to take place in the GYMVITAL-Studio in Düsseödorf-Lörick: Although we do have most of the sports equipment here as well as a bathroom to refresh after the training, your courses can also take place anywhere else. For example, in case the weather allows so, in the GYMVITAL-Garden outside, within free nature or even at your home or workplace.

  • Is it possible to have a free try-out training?

Yes - please feel free to contact me in order to make a first appointment. The training will be as individual as your discomforts or preferred courses, therefore I'd like to welcome you to come visit the GYMVITAL-Studio and get to know the facilities as well as me in Person.

  • Do you have GYMVITAL-Coupons available, e.g.in order to give out as a gift?

Yes: Give away a piece of health. I'm happy to write out a coupon for one or more training units (minimum value 50 €) Please contact me for your personal request.

  • Where can I find further information about GYMVITAL?

You'll find further information concerning GYMVITAL, News, Tipps & Videos on the GYMVITAL-Facebookpage as well as selected work-out videos at www.das-seniorentv.de.